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BreadBoard Copper Clad Perf Board
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1.8" x 1.8" Solderable PerfBoard 213 Solder Pads Prototyping PCB 2" x 3.9" Copper Clad PC Board Single Sided PCB
Solderable Perfboard with 202 solder pads 1.73 x 1.53 in. Solderable Perfboard with 378 solder pads 2.34 x 1.937 in.
2" x 5.9" Copper Clad PC Board Single Sided PCB Prototyping Solderable PerfBoard 3"x1.8" Solder Pads Filter Board
Solderable Perfboard with 708 solder pads 3.18 x 2.5 in. Prototyping PCB Solderable PerfBoard 2.8 x 1.8 inches 356 Solder Pads
8 Pin Protoyping SIP Board Through Hole Prototyping Solderable PerfBoard 2.9x1.7 Solder Pads Filter Board