Update on JPM Supply Website status date: 05/25/2024

These are exciting times and JPM Supply is going through some changes. The former owner of JPM Supply has retired. Electronic Parts Outlet has now taken custody of JPM Supply with a transition that began at the end of April and moved all of the inventory to our warehouses during the weekend of May 4th. We are preparing to reopen the store, organizing the inventory (We don't want to sell things that we cannot find).
For those of you unfamiliar, Electronic Parts Outlet is a 6000aqft brick & mortar business founded in 1985 selling new, used, and surplus electronic parts, components and other eccentricities in the Greater Houston area.

The website may be down temporarily as we move the inventory of JPM Supply to our warehouse and learn how to work with the webstore. We will have it running again as soon as possible!
For those of you living, working, or visiting the Greater Houston area we invite you to please come visit our walk-in store and introduce yourself to us. As for the former founding owner, Paul, he is pursuing other dreams now and we wish him well. It may take us some time to get everything back in stock, but we expect to have the store operating just as it did before it started liquidating, please be patient with us. We look forwards to serving you.

Electronic Parts Outlet.

3753 Fondren, Houston, TX 77063


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