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Resistor Assortment, 1/4W, Carbon Film, 480pcs, Velleman K/RES-E3 Arduino Accessory Kit
Arduino Accessory Kit
Our Price: $6.49
50 Piece Popular size Diode Kit Assortment Lot 1 Amp Lot of 12pc Linear Potentiometer Assortment Pot 1k 10k 50k 1M100k
Resistor Assortment, 1/4W, Carbon Film, 610pcs, Velleman K/RES-E12 Diode Assortment, 120pcs, Velleman K/DIODE1
370pc Carbon Film Resistor Kit 1/4W 5% Elenco RK370 LED Assortment, 80pcs, Red, Green, Yellow, Velleman K/LED1
100pc Capacitor Assortment Kit Mylar, Electrolytic, Ceramic Disc Diode Assortment 80 pieces including Zener and Germanium Elenco DIOK80